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Ready to improve the response rates, sales, lifetime customer value and brand loyalty of your company?

Enrich your brand experience by talking to your customers as individuals using relevant, personalised and seamless communication across multiple channels.

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Our Marketing Automation Solution

U Integrated Marketing Solutions is a revolutionary marketing automation solution changing the way businesses run their marketing campaigns. Our game changing campaign management platform is a powerful and innovative marketing automation tool delivering customised cross-channel communication that can be used by companies to improve marketing campaigns, lead generation, and operation and transactional engagement.

The U Integrated Marketing Solutions automation platform and marketing services can seamlessly and efficiently improve business communication processes by delivering content which is relevant, personalised and creative across print and digital media channels.

This will also assist Marketers who struggle to combine the various communication channels in an organised and logical manner.

For more effective lead generation and campaign management, automate your marketing with the U Integrated Marketing Solutions platform. Contact us today to get started.


We do it for you!

No need to invest in expensive software, additional resources and hours understanding how to use your marketing automation tools, we do the work for you. We can create the ultimate tailor-made experiences whereby your customers receive individualised messages through multiple channels including email, web, print, social media sharing, QR codes and moreā€¦

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Benefits of U Integrated Marketing Solutions


Improved Response Rates

Improve your marketing campaigns by making them more relevant and tailored through customisation and efficiency.


Marketing Automation

Fully automate your entire customer journey in order to deliver engaging cross-channel communication


No Upfront Investment

Create and execute campaigns with U Integrated Marketing Solutions without additional overhead costs or capital investment.


Synchronised Database

U Integrated Marketing Solutions lets you reach your target audience across multiple channels with a single synchronised database.


No Skill Required

No need to upskill your software knowledge or attend training. Our proficient U team will effectively deliver your campaigns for you.


Fully Automated Journey

Our U Integrated Marketing Solutions solution unlocks the capability for customers to tailor their journey based on their individual preferences and needs.


One Platform

Our single platform combines several tightly coupled best in breed solutions using modern integration technologies to support your campaign.


Seamless Communication

Create cross-channel customer journeys where transitions between channels are indefectible, continuous and consistent.

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Why are so few Marketers adopting an automated approach to marketing & campaign management?

reason 1
They don't have the right tools for the job.
reason 2
They still have separated, non-connected technologies managing data from different channels.
reason 3
Disparate data sources.
reason 4
The need for information by customers is increasing at an unprecedented rate.
reason 5
Organisational culture and structure (lack of resources and knowledge).
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Case Studies

teeg case study

TEEG was looking to host its first amalgamated conference for all Stakeholders . Deadlines were short, and an automated solution was required to assist management communicate to all their existing employees.

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timezone case study

Customer experience is critical to success, requiring frequent and rewarding promotions to their loyal and expanding customer base. At present the primary communication method is solely outbound emails without any cross-channel integration.

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msp case study

U provided Franchisees with a quick and simple ordering process for their satchels and pre-paid envelopes. The journey commenced with an email giving Franchisees information regarding the upcoming order for satchels and pre-paid envelopes.

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