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Plan, collaborate, automate and monitor cross-channel campaigns.

journey mapping

Our U team will work with you to visually map your customer journey, illustrating the various touchpoints and engagement triggers to give you a clear insight into your campaign process and deliverables. In addition, we can plan and collaborate with you and any additional external stakeholders, share journey process flows through our campaign editor and intuitive user interface thus allowing you to review every step of your campaign before finalisation and execution.

Seamless personalised experiences

Being able to deliver the right message through the right channels at the right time drives customer engagement, improves product and service experiences and ultimately gives your business a competitive advantage. What’s more important is that these experiences are consistent, personalised and seamless throughout different channels. Instead of delivering content in silos. U delivers content, cohesively and flawlessly between channels ensuring that your customers experience your brand in a cohesive and frictionless manner.

Dynamic content integration

In order to improve customer responses, loyalty and engagement you need to offer variable content, offers, context and communication that speaks to your customers as individuals. The built-in smarts of our U platform allows us to create relatable, targeted and customised content in real time that will appeal to your customers demographics, preferences and needs thus creating a more memorable brand experience. To view dynamic content integration first-hand.

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API Integration

Our U solution allows disparate systems to seamlessly communicate using universal industry standards. This saves you from having to procure new software systems, retrain staff and change business processes when utilising the power of U. Our system architects will assess your current software and make recommendations on how to relay transactional data between your existing systems and U.

Tracking campaign performance

Executing cycles of outbound and inbound communications will help you collect invaluable information about your customers which can be used to revise future campaigns. Use what you have learnt to deliver more relevant communication and strengthen customer engagement. With analytics you can measure and chart customer responses and results from all angles.

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