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Modern marketing offers a truly extraordinary range of ways for businesses to deliver their messages to customers.

Before the advent of the internet, there were just three obvious choices – radio, TV and print.

With online now dominating people’s attention, there are social media channels, online news services, websites, blogs and servers that can host your messages.

With more choice than ever before, you can choose a range of platforms and mediums to deliver personalised messages with different styles, goals and outcomes. This is known as Multi-Channel Marketing and it’s a tried and tested method for increasing the reach of your business’ marketing footprint.

"online now dominates people’s attention"

What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?

At its core, Multi-Channel Marketing campaigns work by creating a number of marketing messages for your company and deploying them through different channels. These channels can be direct or indirect, allowing a mix of experiences that will allow you to build a bigger picture of your brand in the mind of your customer.

The end goal is the same – improve customer engagement. With a Multi-Channel Marketing system, you can create a number of different ways a customer can interact with your business.

Delivering The Right Mix Of Messages

The key advantage of a Multi-Channel Marketing platform is that it allows your company to engage with a customer through a number of different channels at the right time.

Direct messages may relate to sales or promotions and be deployed through saturated channels like TV or radio. Indirect messages used to build brand loyalty and promote your image may be deployed on social media, where a softer, more nimble approach is required.

By tailoring each marketing message to a different medium, your business achieves reach while creating approaches best suited to the channel they’re deployed in.

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Multi-Channel Marketing is very effective, but it can become scrambled if not managed correctly.

Compared to Omni-Channel Marketing where the same or at least a similar message is used over many marketing channels, a Multi-Channel Marketing campaign can require a range of messages on chosen mediums that need to be managed individually.

The key here is discipline – every part of your company must be on board with the range of messages and be able to see the benefits of both the direct and indirect approach and be able to respond appropriately.

The success of a Multi-Channel Marketing campaign depends heavily on how it is executed, with each message seamlessly connected to the next, despite using different approaches or mediums.

"Multi-Channel Marketing is growing in popularity"


Multi-Channel Marketing is growing in popularity as more and more companies realise the power of this strategy due to modern media. Crafting a multi-channel marketing campaign that plays to the strengths of a number of mediums is an area that U specialises in. The U multi-channel marketing system is designed to automate the delivery of your campaigns. From defining the right online and offline mediums, to full campaign execution, U will engage audiences and get results.

As specialists in multi-channel marketing automation, the U team have the expertise and knowledge to help you deliver personalised communications to your customers. To explore how Multi-Channel Marketing systems can help your business, contact us today.

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