One of the best ways to stay in regular touch with your customers is by developing a robust drip marketing automation campaign.

What Is A Drip Marketing Campaign?

Drip marketing is an adopted strategy for sending a number of marketing emails automatically to subscribers, one after the other.

For example, a subscriber might receive your first email when they sign up, and then another email three days later, and then another a week after that. Drip marketing is essentially feeding your customers news and helpful information, piece by piece, over an extended period of time.

"Drip marketing is essentially feeding
your customers news and helpful information,
piece by piece"

Tailoring Your Drip Marketing Campaign

You can tailor your Drip Marketing campaign to start once a subscriber signs up, but you can also use other triggers for the campaign. For example, when a subscriber makes a purchase, you might send them on one Drip campaign trail. Or perhaps they haven’t shopped at your store for a while – this could trigger a different set of automated emails. You can also send your customers a different set of emails depending on whether or not they click on the links housed within your Drip email system.

The Research Behind Drip Marketing

So does Drip Marketing actually work?

Well, the proof is in the research. It has been proven that sending out relevant Drip emails can result in 18 times more revenue than other methods. It was also shown that if you regularly stay in touch with your customers through an automated system, they are far more likely to click on links.

Don’t Overdo The Drip Emails!

It might be exciting to want to bombard your customers with email after email – but we would advise against this. Overdoing Drip Marketing campaigns can mean your customers will start unsubscribing. Customers also utilise different channels for receiving information, so using email alone may not give you the desired results you are hoping to achieve.

However, if you take the time to segment your current audience into different demographics – such as regular shoppers and those who haven’t been to your site in a while – and tailor your campaigns to these different audiences, you will see worthwhile results.

"Overdoing Drip Marketing campaigns can mean your customers will start unsubscribing."

Crafting Your Drip Campaign Messages

Once you have decided on your niche audiences, it’s time to craft messages specifically for them. Talk to your audience directly and think about the tone of voice and style of communication this audience would best engage with.

Planning Your Drip Campaign

Next, you will need to plan your campaign. This should include how you propose to achieve the goals of your drip marketing campaign. Think about how many messages, through which channels and in what order they will be delivered to ensure your customer has an engaging and overall positive experience.

Sending and Evaluating

Once you have crafted your campaign, it will be time to execute.

Start slowly, and every step of the way make sure you go back and evaluate how many people have engaged with the touchpoints you have created to see if the drip marketing campaign is working. After measuring what does and doesn’t work, you should be able to continuously tweak your Drip Marketing campaign until it is driving results and meeting your overall objectives.

"evaluate how many people have engaged with the touchpoints "

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