MSP Photography is Australia’s largest school photography service provider, photographing around 1.3 million pre-school, primary school and high school students across Australia each year, with such an established footprint it would make sense that MSP Photography is the biggest and the best in their industry.

The Brief

Twice a year MSP Franchise Owners can place substantial orders for their satchel and pre-paid envelope requirements. Larger orders are placed in October for delivery in December and January. Mid-year “top ups” are ordered in April for June and July. Previously, these orders have been placed by the Franchisees and manually collated by the Production Manager at the Resource Centre in Wagga.

Key Objectives

There were four key objectives requested by the customer:

  • To automate the workload for ordering envelopes and satchels by the Franchisees. The process required significant man hours due to the manual task of receiving, collating, organising, checking, tracking and dispatching over 1 million orders per year.
  • To reduce the number of follow-ups required to ensure orders are correct. The Production Manager would’ve spent a minimum of 45 mins per Franchisee ensuring orders placed were correct.
  • To reduce manual intervention resulting in human error.
  • To reduce the overall 4-6 week process to get the orders in.


  • U provided Franchisees with a quick and simple ordering process for their satchels and pre-paid envelopes. The journey commenced with an email giving Franchisees information regarding the upcoming order for satchels and pre-paid envelopes, a prompt to check their current stock levels and an indication of when they would receive the ordering email. This communication was sent out again two days later to Franchisees who did not open the original email.
  • One week later the ordering email was sent to all Franchisees with an incentive for the 1st and 5th orders placed to win a Google home and the 10th and 15th to win a Google Mini. The Franchisee simply had to click on the order now button in the email to be taken to a personal landing page where they could enter the quantity of each product they required.
  • The page also had the ability to calculate the pricing depending on the quantities required. Upon submitting the order, a confirmation page was presented where the Franchisee could check their correct billing and delivery address and make changes accordingly.
  • From the submitted order page, automated emails were triggered to the Production Manager in Wagga and to Crystal Printing who were facilitating the printing of the satchels and pre-paid envelopes.
  • Franchisees who did not place their order received an additional reminder email and failing responses to email, switch channels to SMS, before an automated email would be sent to the Production Manager to follow up with Franchisees who had not yet placed their order.

Campaign Results

TEEG U Journey

Testimonial - MSP

The process was simply brilliant and saved me a significant amount of time coordinating and placing the satchel and pre-paid envelope orders. It also assisted in reducing any manual errors. I enjoyed watching the process unfold and I was fascinated to see the system used in this way. My only involvement was touching base with Neil to see how the campaign was going. Including prizes increased the banter and fun amongst the Franchisees.

The visibility of the data made available to me was excellent. In speaking to the Franchisees they thought that the emails were being sent personally from me, this was a great feature when in fact the system was doing all the work and I could have a completely hands off approach.

Kory Cavanagh
Production Manager MSP

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