TEEG (The Entertainment and Education Group) is positioned as one of the world’s largest family entertainment and edutainment centre groups with leading operations across Asia Pacific. Their portfolio of brands is at the forefront of the family entertainment industry and designed to be exciting and relevant in today’s fast changing retail environment. Their brands continue to evolve in line with changing consumer habits and a renewed focus on customer experiences. Brands included are Timezone, PlayNlearn, Kingpin and Zone Bowling.

The Brief

TEEG was looking to host its first amalgamated conference for all Stakeholders. Deadlines were short, and an automated solution was required to assist management communicate to all their existing employees. A customer journey was developed by the team to assist TEEG inform employees of its upcoming K2 Summit conference and automate as many processes as possible to alleviate the pressure on the event organiser. In the past this process was handled manually and consumed a considerable amount of time.

Key Objectives

There were nine key objectives requested by the customer:

  • A registration process was required that would differentiate employees based on their seniority within the business. The filtering based on seniority would allow TEEG to segment their data across four employee groups.
  • To automate as much of the conferencing communication as possible and provide a process that would achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy of booking details including flight information and accommodation requirements.
  • To ensure a smooth registration process for attendees.
  • To provide a portal with conferencing information that could be accessed 24/7.
  • To provide exposure for Sponsors.
  • To provide all attendees with a personalised conference experience.
  • To ensure that attendees knew where to be at what time, so they could be on time for all activities and events.
  • To give attendees the opportunity to provide instant feedback after sessions.
  • To effectively communicate all information regarding the K2 Summit conference in the lead up to registrations to ensure maximum attendance.


  • The smarts within the U platform allowed TEEG to communicate to their four employee groups with tailored dynamic messaging and email correspondence options to suit the seniority within the groups – an important objective for TEEG.
  • A significant amount of information was collected and relayed to attendees with minimal processing from TEEG.
  • A personalised K2 Summit website was built which kept attendees engaged and informed, it also presented sponsors with the opportunity to gain exposure for their contributions.
  • The event organiser was kept informed of registrations via triggered emails as a result of attendees completing the registration process.
  • Automated reminders contributed towards outstanding results.
  • The automated process allowed TEEG to meet their intended deadlines.

Campaign Results

TEEG U Journey

Testimonial - TEEG

I just wanted to reach out to the team and thank them so much for all their hard work and patience ahead of the K2 Summit conference. The results were amazing, and we had nothing but praise for the website, EDM’s and printed collateral that you produced!

The platform is a fantastic feat for you and our team loved the look and feel of it. In terms of what the platform could do, everything was covered, limited only by our method of working and communications. You did an outstanding job of being able to deliver what you promised even with our tight and fast paced schedule – THANK YOU!

Heather Rush - TEEG

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