Timezone was founded in 1978 and is a brand leader in the Family Entertainment Centre industry. There are 24 locations throughout Australia promoting the customer experience as “the best you will ever have”.

The Brief

Customer experience is critical to success requiring frequent and rewarding promotions to their loyal and expanding customer-base. At present the primary communication method is solely outbound Emails without any cross-channel integration with other communication tools. The brief, therefore, was to explore all avenues to maximise the customer interface.

Key Objectives

There were five key objectives requested by the customer:

  • Increases in both delivery and response rates of Email communications.
  • Understanding the Timezone customer’s perception of “the value proposition”.
  • Developing a process to receive updated customer information for the database.
  • Utilising this new customer profile for future campaigns.
  • Provision of a personalised “refer a friend” campaign.


  • From receiving the initial email, customer information was collected throughout the campaign by means of email, SMS, web forms and PDF vouchers.
  • The customer also had the opportunity to refer a friend thus making the campaign infinitely expandable with new customer data being collected and captured.
  • The campaign incorporated multiple touch-points via which the recipient’s details could be validated and enriched in order to nurture the current data with a view of increasing the relevancy and personalisation of future campaigns.

Campaign Results

TEEG U Journey

Testimonial - Timezone

Timezone Australia have engaged Worldwide to develop and implement campaigns with the objective of testing and improving the overall effectiveness of direct customer engagement.

To this end the platform has proven most flexible and easy to use. The Worldwide team have not let a single opportunity go and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. More importantly the system has provided rich data and measurable returns.

Jacque Bergh - Timezone

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